Elite_Dangerous_Landing 27 Jan

Elite: Dangerous studio Frontier has announced that its UK offices will be laying off a number of its employees, and it is also working on a new game.

According to Eurogamer, the new game is called Coaster Park Tycoon and it is intended to run as a second franchise alongside Elite: Dangerous.

“With its business emphasis now on two major self-published franchises, Elite: Dangerous and Coaster Park Tycoon, Frontier is re-focusing its development activities in Cambridge where the expertise in these franchises lies,” Frontier said in a note to investors.

“Development roles are being moved from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Cambridge, and the overall staffing mix will be changed to match the needs of these two projects. 15 content creation roles have been made redundant in Cambridge (from 281 total headcount), while Frontier continues to recruit in areas such as game and technology programming, server and web front end development.”

(via Gamespot)