HumanElement 21 Jan

Robotoki, the studio formed by former Call of Duty Creative Strategist Robert Bowling has closed, and the studio’s project, Human Element, has been shelved for now.

Human Element was switched from its original free-to-play model to a more traditional “premium” model, which resulted in the termination of its deal with publisher Nexon. According to Bowling, the studio has failed to secure a new publishing deal so far.

“We were actively negotiating a publishing deal for the premium version of Human Element but unfortunately I am unable to continue to self-fund the studio until that deal finalizes,” said Bowling, in part. “I want to thank every single person who supported us along this journey. It was an experience of a lifetime, and we learned a lifetime of experience.”

Not much of the game has been shown, however it was built with the CryEngine and according to Robotoki features “a cinematic, immersive, first-person experience, and combines innovative new streaming and segmented world massively multiplayer online game technologies to achieve a large open-world MMO experience while maintaining the high visual fidelity of a first-person shooter.”

(via CVG)