ShadowrunHongKong_Art 13 Jan

Harebrained Schemes launched a Kickstarter campaign for Shadowrun: Hong Kong today, which successfully reached it’s goal of $100,000 in a matter of hours.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong is a follow up to Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall and takes place in the “magically awakened” Hong Kong of 2056.

“Shadowrun: Hong Kong has everything you expect from a Harebrained Schemes Shadowrun game,” Harebrained Schemes says. “Strong storytelling and sharp writing, lots of morally gray choices, a crew of memorable characters with distinct personalities, challenging tactical turn-based combat, a robust character creation system, and a one of a kind cyberpunk-meets-magic game setting that’s endured for over 25 years.”

The $100,000 base goal would see the game be 12+ hours long, however stretch goals will add more and more features to the game as the campaign continues.

“Shadowrun: Hong Kong is being developed for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems only. We have elected to focus all our efforts on PC in order to deliver the best game we can without the current processing and memory limitations of tablets. This focus allows us to have higher-fidelity visuals, larger map sizes, and more stuff on screen.”

(via Gamespot)