DarkestDungeonScreen_Jester 24 Feb

After discovering a fake copy of its game Darkest DungeonĀ on the Windows Game Store yesterday, developer Red Hook Studios, has confirmed that Microsoft has been working with the developer to resolve the problem.

“Following our discovery of the scam yesterday, several individuals from Microsoft have reached out to us,” Red Hook’s Chris Bourassa told Eurogamer. “We’ve submitted a complaint, and are optimistic that a resolution is coming soon! There’s been no indication of what the file contents of the scam version actually are, and we certainly hope there’s nothing malignant in the download.”

“Obviously, this kind of thing is unfortunate for developers, storefronts, and gamers alike. We’ve called attention to the scam on Twitter, and want to remind anyone interested in purchasing the game to do so through Steam or Humble.”

Red Hook Studios co-president and game designer Tyler Sigman announced on his Twitter yesterday that a fake version of Darkest Dungeon had appeared on Microsoft’s Windows Game Store, and was being illegally sold.

The Windows Store version was being sold for $3.99 as apposed to the Steam $19.99 price, and was only a 2mb download. The description was also written in broken English.

“Darkest Dungeon is a Strategy game.Player will employee, train and control a team of heroes in Darkest Dungeon Game. They will journey through warrens, twisted forests, crypts and other strangling places and they will be confronted by monstrous creatures which are unimaginable with these there comes calamities like stress, disease and famine.”

The Windows Store page for the game is unavailable at the time of writing, so it appears Microsoft and Red Hook have taken the game down. The developer notes that players interested in purchasing the game should do so from the Humble page, or Steam.

(via Eurogamer)