DeepDownTeaser 20 Feb

Since its announcement at Gamescom 2013, Capcom has remained relatively quiet on the free-to-play PlayStation 4 title Deep Down.

According to an interview with producer Yoshinori Ono in 4Gamer, the game has not been cancelled, but has undergone major changes since its announcement.

“It looks like Deep Down will take just a little longer,” Ono told 4Gamer (translated by Siliconera). “It also looks like some people are starting to ask ‘did the development come to a halt?’ but it’s nothing like that. We’re thinking about showing something that looks completely different from what previously shown, although it might be a while from now.”

He added that the game had become much larger than what was originally planned, as “the ideas we had before might not have been good enough.”

“When it comes to the service of online games, it’s a long-term challenge, so we must make sure to do the necessary parts correctly at the launch of the service, otherwise it’d be a shame to have an amusing game and not have any players stick around,” Ono explained. “When looking back at the previous ideas we had for deep down, we felt concerns about it not being able to capture an audience as we would’ve liked, so it was decided to give it more time so that we can further enhance it.”

(via Gamespot)