Overwatch_McCree_Zarya 07 Mar

Blizzard has announced a new map and two new characters for Overwatch, the shooter it revealed was in development last year.

Watchpoint Gibraltar is the new map announced, and aside from providing a new area for the game to be played, it will also allow some insight into the game’s story.

The two new characters announced were McCree and Zarya.

McCree is described as a futuristic gunslinger, who uses his Peacemaker handgun with abilities such as a flashbang, reloading while rolling and deadeye which locks on to all visible targets that he can then fire at, killing them instantly.

Zarya is the first female tank for Overwatch, whose main weapon is a particle cannon which has two firing modes: a short stream attack, or toss explosives. Her ability is a gravity well, which will suck all enemies on screen to a certain spot.

Zarya is also a product of Blizzard taking player feedback, and a community seeking more diversity in characters.

“We have been hearing a lot of discussion about the need for more diversity in games,” a Blizzard developer said, in part. “We’re listening and we’re trying hard. We hope Zarya is a step in the right direction and proof that we are paying attention.”

(via Polygon)