EliteDangerous_StationWall 05 Mar

Frontier Developments has announced today that its PC online space simulator Elite: Dangerous will be releasing for Xbox One this summer.

Elite: Dangerous for Xbox One will include all content added to the PC version from the Wings update in March. On the game’s forums, founder and CEO of Frontier, David Braben, states that the console version will be the complete experience, and will not slow development of the PC version.

“Elite: Dangerous on Xbox One will be the complete and authentic Elite: Dangerous experience,” Braben said, in part. “It will not be “dumbed down”. We’ll be working with an all-new audience, but that doesn’t mean a change in direction for the game, and nor does it mean slowing development on the PC version. The second of our updates – Wings – is being beta tested by some of you right now, and the third will be coming in the spring, free of charge. We’ll be talking more about the third major update – Powerplay – soon!”

(via GameInformer)