WoW_DraenorCinematic 03 Mar

Blizzard has announced that it will be adding “WoW Tokens” to World of Warcraft which will be purchasable with real money or in-game gold and add game time to a player’s account.

Players who want to purchase the tokens with in-game gold will have to do so through the auction house when they are being sold by other players who bought them with real world money.

Players selling the tokens on the auction house will not be able to set the price, instead it will be set by Blizzard using a formula they have developed. The formula will take into account the supply and demand of the tokens as well as elements of the World of Warcraft economy in each region.

Since tokens will be set to a certain gold price, once purchased from the auction house the token will be soulbound to a character and must be redeemed by that character and therefore cannot be resold.

(via Polygon)