12 Feb

Coming through the wire via Facepunch.com, the full code a nearly-complete build of Crysis 2 has been leaked to illegal downloading websites across the internet. The download also included a code key to bypass DRM restrictions and access to the game’s multiplayer components. There’s no way to confirm how recent the leaked code is, and […]

04 Jan

Following the launch of a new Digital Rights Management system back in March 2010, Ubisoft faced a lot of criticism from PC gamers as the new system required players to maintain a constant internet-connection while playing Ubisoft games, or risk losing non-saved progress if this connection was severed. However, without making an official announcement, Ubisoft […]

20 Sep

Fans of DRM-free PC classics bowed their collective heads today. The administrators of Good Old Games (GOG).com confirmed that the shut-down of their site was not, as it was previously believed, a publicity stunt. “Business and technical reasons” were the cited causes of the shut-down of the digital download retailer, with a more detailed explanation […]