03 Mar

In the same SEC filing that revealed that Activision was in a conflict with two senior Infinity Ward employees over charges of insubordination, Activision-Blizzard also stated that Blizzard is currently working on multiple sequels in the Diablo franchise. “Blizzard is currently developing new games, including a new expansion pack to the World of Warcraft franchise […]

01 Jul

Despite its prequel being one of the most actively played games on local area networks (LAN) even a decade after its release, Blizzard execs confirm that StarCraft II will support LAN play at the time of release. The original title’s release often required the specific network connection due to consumer technological limitations, but over the […]

19 Jun

At this year’s installment of the world’s largest computer festival, DreamHack, Press2Play.tv managed to snag an interview with two of Blizzard’s leading staff about the company’s upcoming RTS, Starcraft II. Admist many other questions, the eternal release date query was asked, and one of the Blizzard heads present, Starcraft II lead designer Chris Sigaty, mentioned […]