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The Final Fantasy series has been making headlines frequently as of late, from a beefed-up PC re-release (and subsequent microtransactions rumors) to the series’ publisher losing a long-time producer, and now the franchise’s new upcoming releases have been circulating the rumor mill.

At the announcement of a stage show celebrating Final Fantasy‘s 25 years on the market – in particular a “Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Saga: New Developments Presentation” on September 1st – many outlets have suggested the reveal of Final Fantasy XIII-3 to be the main takeaway of the event. Despite the fact that this would be the first time in the series that an entry would receive two direct canonical sequels, the cliffhanger ending of Final Fantasy XIII-2 has many suspecting the story is not over.

Late last week, another rumor began making the rounds as Kotaku reported with multiple sources alleging the cancellation of Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The rumor was squashed earlier today when Square Enix President Yoichi Wada took to his personal Twitter account to confirm Versus XIII‘s continued production. He mentioned (according to VG247’s translation) to have personally attended a meeting on the progress of the game, which was first revealed back in 2006. It’s possible that an announcement on the game could also play a role in Square’s upcoming presentation on the series September 1st.

One thought on “‘Final Fantasy Versus XIII’ Lives On, ‘XIII-3’ Rumored”

  1. If SE makes a XII-3, they will see sales numbers for a title that they haven’t seen in 20 years, but not the money they are expecting. People have realized that SE is a shell of what it was and are not going to take their crap. The people in charge are delusional. The devs really need to go back to their roots, and build an engaging well developed story built on character interaction without all the whining.

    I am still waiting on the complete version of XIII-2 to get the full story if I even play the game. XIII was decent, but it really messes with the formula of FF and makes it less enjoyable. I didn’t mind the linear maps as you were avoiding a holocaust for 80% of the game.

    SE needs to hurry up and release VS as it is well over due for release and the longer they hold onto the game, the bigger expectations get and so does the let down if the game fails to live up to said expectations.

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