28 Sep

“Exposure: Gaddafi and the IRA”, a documentary on terrorism that aired on the British ITV network last night, appears to have mistaken video games for real life. In a clip (since removed from internet circulation) discussing trunk mounted machine-guns shooting down British helicopters, a gameplay segment from 2009’s ArmA II was broadcast in the stead […]

17 Aug

There’s a lot of news floating around out there about Electronic Arts’ Gamescom press conference, so we decided to summarize the whole experience in one place for ya. Follow the jump for the complete portrait of EA’s presence this year at Gamescom.

18 Jan

Continuing the deluge of Final Fantasy-related news coming out of Square Enix’s “First Production Unit” event earlier today, two more major games within the franchise have gotten new details. Final Fantasy Type-0, formerly just a trademark in Square’s name, has been revealed to be the new title of the PSP-exclusive game formerly known as Agito […]

22 Jul

With a reported roster of over 30 characters and only eight revealed prior to San Diego’s Comic Con, Capcom is looking to hold gamer’s attention rapt until Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds releases next Spring. The latest batch of playable fighters to be revealed via trailer include both the expected (Chun Li, […]