spike-video-game-awards-2011 11 Dec

UPDATE: Remedy has confirmed a “Q1 2012” release window for Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. As has come to be expected with a Spike TV-affiliated video game broadcast, a lot of exclusive trailers and announcements were peppered into the 2011 Video Game Awards tonight. If you missed the show – we definitely wouldn’t blame you for […]

28 Sep

My Game News Flash (via Anime News Network) discovered a TV Tokyo listing for a dramatic short based on Uncharted 3 for broadcast next week in Japan. Loosely translated to “Atlantis That Sleeps in the Desert”, the seven-minute short is set to air on 12:53am JST, October 4th. While SCEA employee Shane Bittenhausen posted his […]

03 Jun

[Initial research done by Eli English] Gamers looking forward to the November 2011 release of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception may be happy to learn that a Collector’s Edition has been announced for its North American launch. All of the details for the collectors edition can be found after the jump.