27 May

The first of the episodic, downloadable titles from TellTale games starring the iconic clay-mation duo of Wallace and Gromit was made available on Xbox Live today. Fright of the Bumblebees tells the tale of one of Wallace and Gromit’s many comical adventures, the demand for the pair’s new honey business exceeds their supply, Wallace attempts to increase the rate of production by juicing up the bees with a growth serum, with disasterous, and entertaining results. Available for 800 Microsoft points, the English-language version of the game comes with subtitles in French, German, and Spanish. The rest of the Wallace and Gromit-themed games, as well as TellTale’s episodic franchise based on the popular Sam and Max license, will be made available on Xbox Live in the coming months.

Those wishing for the stand-alone title on the PC can purchase it for $9 at www.telltalegames.com, with the option of upgrading their purchase to the entire 4-episode season for $26.