02 Jun

As part of an attempt to showcase more third-party titles, Jack Tretton invited two of the developers from the Assassin’s Creed 2 team to show off a few minutes of live gameplay at their E3 press conference. Taking place in Renaissance Italy, the new assassin is a noble-man of hard-to-pronounce name, who’s abilites outrank that of his predecessor Altair. Despite his adeptness at the deadly arts, the developers behind the title revealed that our young assassin was drung into the life by external means, and relies heavily on Leonardo Da Vinci and his inventions to perform the needed killings. Near to the gameplay this time around is the ability to glide about Italy, using fire pits as the necessary pillows of air to ascend, and using this leverage to inflict a flying kick to various unlucky enemies.

Also included in the demo was a quick kill utilizing the dual hidden-blades, and a showcase of a near enemy type that, unlike in the prequel, will search hiding spots if he saw you fall into them. The demo ended with an assassination of a priest, and a newer, more fluid Animus interface briefly being teased.