24 Jun

Redbana, the Western development and publishing arm of T3 Entertainment, officially announced their presence in the North American market as a publishing studio. The first order of business is the increased support and localization of the immensely popular online dance-rhythm game, Audition, host to a stunning 300 million users. Redbana took over duties from former developer Nexon in 2004, when the Korean-based development of Audition was centered. The game, in which players create and customize avatars and battle out rhythm-based mini-games across the internet, the game paid for through the lucrative micro-transaction economy present in the game.

“Redbana is committed to creating quality titles for all types of gamers in North America and abroad,” said Young Rok Park, CEO of Redbana. “We are a new studio, but with the formidable support of our parent company T3 Entertainment, we are confident in our ability to bring a legacy of success in the online games space. Additionally, we’ll be working on our own original IP while partnering with independent developers to publish unique and entertaining titles.”

“We look forward to welcoming the North American Audition community, and are working to improve and add to the game on all levels,” said Park. “As any person that has spent time in Audition knows, it’s a very engaging experience regardless if you play alone or with friends. Be careful though, it’s easy to let virtual fame go to your head!”