07 May

[Initial reporting done by Eli English] Earlier this week, Blizzard has announced that users of their massively multiplayer online roleplaying title, World of Warcraft can aid the people of Japan following the devastation from the Pacific Tsunami by purchasing the title’s newest pet,  the “Cenarion Hatchling”, Buying another downloadable pet, the “Moonkin Hatchling”, will send […]

22 Apr

The video game analyst and consumer communities have long assumed that the November launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was the biggest in entertainment history, an assertion backed by its publisher Activision only 24 hours after it became available. Guinness World Records finally recently confirmed this assumption, stating that the $401.6 million grossed […]

23 Jan

The under 14 crowd is an essential demographic for any product seeking massive gains, ask Miley Cyrus. But despite popular opinion thinking otherwise, either positive or negative, children ages 2-14 aren’t as enamored with video games as television, movies, or even music. According to the NPD Group’s Kids and Entertainment Content report, the age group […]