20 Jul

The era of the Kinect is almost upon us. Today, Microsoft announced the $150 price tag  for the motion-sensor peripheral which will come packaged with Kinect Adventures

Microsoft has also announced a new Kinect bundle pack that will include a new slim Xbox 360 with 4GB internal flash memory for $300 starting on November 4, 2010.

“Kinect for Xbox 360 offers fantastic new ways to be entertained for the whole family,” said Chris Lewis, vice president, Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft Europe. “With full body, voice and multiplayer play straight out of the box, Kinect is a unique way for everyone to enjoy controller-free fun and entertainment.”

One thought on “Microsoft’s Kinect Officially Priced, Dated”

  1. Well, now to see how many units they sell. Oh, and MS, stop with your arcade bundles, they just segment your market and force people to buy more stuff to upgrade to your propriety stuff.

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