12 Jun

Continuing its tradition of providing gamers will special editions of their re-released classics, Atlus U.S.A. announced the latest treats to spoil players of the remade Persona on PSP. Every single copy of the ethereal RPG will be a special Premium Edition that comes equipped with the game’s 2-disc official soundtrack courtesy of Shoji Meguro in a spiffy Premium box set. The game will, of course, be available in most retail chains for as long as supplies last, and boasts a fully revitalized localization from the original Japanese IP (with new content never-before-seen in the West), new music, new animated sequences, and all new graphics optimized for the PSP’s unique capabilities.

“SMT: Persona is scheduled to release on September 22nd,” announced Aram Jabbari, manager of PR and Sales for Atlus. “As with many of our games this year, SMT: Persona will be included in the Atlus Spoils fan appreciation program. Each and every copy of the game will be a premium boxed set and will include the game’s full 2-disc soundtrack. In addition, we are able to confirm to series fans that in addition to the all-new localization, the ‘Snow Queen’ quest, game content never before available in North America, will be included in this new release.”