12 Jun

Continuing its tradition of providing gamers will special editions of their re-released classics, Atlus U.S.A. announced the latest treats to spoil players of the remade Persona on PSP. Every single copy of the ethereal RPG will be a special Premium Edition that comes equipped with the game’s 2-disc official soundtrack courtesy of Shoji Meguro in […]

27 May

London, May 26th, 2009 Square Enix announced today a new limited collector’s edition of the popular action-JRPG, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, to arrive across PAL and European territories on June 5th, exclusively on the Xbox 360.“We are delighted to bringing this exciting new chapter of the critically acclaimed STAR OCEAN series to Europe and […]

20 May

19th of May, 2009 Betheseda Softworks Europe announced today that the DLC episodes previously exclusive to the PC and Xbox 360 versions of their post-apocalyptic shooter-RPG, Fallout 3, will make it to the PS3 starting this June. Operation Anchorage will be the first available, with The Pitt and Broken Steel being made available separately in […]