01 Jun

Rejoice, all lovers of grog and simian humor, for Lucasart’s premiere entry into the adventure game genre, Monkey Island, has returned! Its resurrection is two-fold, with the recently announced, episodic series from Tell Tale Games (makers of similarly episodic series based on the popular web-cartoon Strong Bad and the claymation Brit-humor duo Wallace and Gromit) under the title of Tales of Monkey Island, to premiere on the PC and WiiWare in the coming weeks (don’t worry, many of Tell Tale’s staff are veterans of Lucasart’s adventure game hey-day.) The new series features a completely new storyline and locations, and will be sure to thrill all those that actually know the use of a Rubber Chicken with a Pully in the Middle.

But that’s not all, piracy fans! Lucasart’s has heard the pleas of their fan-base and are re-releasing the original 1990 epic in the form of The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, with a fully remastered digital soundtrack and an HD re-vitalization of the game’s graphics. This remodeling of a universally-appreciated classic will be coming soon to Xbox Live Arcade and the PC this summer, the exact release date to be announced.

“We couldn’t be any more excited about bringing Monkey Island to today’s gamers — both in our special edition of the original classic, and through our collaboration with Telltale on the episodic series,” said LucasArts’ President Darrell Rodriguez. “We can’t wait for Guybrush Threepwood and LeChuck to return to gamers’ screens.”