15 Jun

Special-interest media group Future has revealed the recent appointment Tim Edwards as the Editor in Chief of PC Gamer, the UK’s hottest selling PC magazine. Filling the shoes of the recently released Ross Atherton – who now goes to work for the Paris-based European PR Team for Activision Blizzard –  Tim had joined the PC Gamer staffed back in 2002 as a mere Staff Writer, and had worked through the ranks of the editorial staff to later become Features Editor, and, in 2006, Deputy Editor. The announcement comes on the heels of the magazines much celebrated 200th issue and major re-design, both which were intensely well received by both staff and readers.

“Tim has grown up with PC Gamer and we’re delighted to make him Editor.” said Richard Keith, publisher of PC Gamer, “He has a fantastic opportunity to develop the PC Gamer brand after the successful redesign which has been amazingly well received by readers and advertisers. There’s a lot more to come from PC Gamer over the next 12 months and we’re really excited that Tim is the one who will be driving those changes.”

“PC Gamer is the world’s biggest PC gaming media brand and I’m truly excited to get the chance to run it.” added Edwards himself, “At the heart is a phenomenal magazine with a strong team that I’m proud to lead. Our recent redesign has placed us dramatically ahead of our competition. My first job as Editor is to ensure that this new look and feel is properly bedded in, while ensuring that our stratospheric standards remain in place.”