22 Jul

Activision recently announced the near-deity like presence of comic legend Stan Lee in their upcoming co-op action title, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Like the majority of films based on Marvel properties, the father of modern comics will be making an appearance in the squad-based action title based on several licenses of his creation. Stan Lee, creator of comic book mainstays like “Spider-Man,” “The Incredible Hulk,” and “X-Men,” has been tapped for an extended appearance as a character “whose role is pivotal to the game’s storyline.” The game, set in the expanded universe’s “Civil War” plot line, features dozens of iconic characters from multiple series, and is set to release in September on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and the PC.

“I am thrilled to be making my first onscreen videogame cameo in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2,” said Stan Lee, Publisher Emeritus, Marvel Comics. “It’s such a kick to see characters that I’ve helped create come to life in the game and now I’m a part of the Marvel videogame universe!”

“With Activision’s long-standing history of bringing so many of Stan Lee’s creations to life, it’s great to be able to incorporate him into Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2,” said Rob Kostich, head of marketing for licensed properties, Activision Publishing, Inc. “Stan is a legend in the comic world and his appearance is yet another special treat that fans can look forward to when we bring back the largest army of playable Super Heroes and Super Villains this Fall.”