24 Jul

Los Angeles, CA – Following the announcement earlier this month that the EA Los Angeles studio (formerly known as WestWood studios) is currently working on a sequel to 2007’s Tiberium Wars, Gametrailers.com has revealed the first teaser-trailer for the currently unnamed Command and Conquer 4.

The trailer shows the charismatic leader of the NOD faction convening with what appear to be GDI officers, presenting them with a ‘proposition’.

The official Command and Conquer website still shows a countdown for the trailer however, which is set to run off at 20:00 EST. According to a press release by EA earlier this month, the game will include all-new class-based gameplay, mobile bases and persistent progression throughout a wide array of gameplay modes. The game is to be the closing piece in the Command and Conquer ‘Tiberium’-series, and is set in a world where only six years remain before the mysterious Tiberium crystals render the world uninhabitable.

The trailer can be viewed here. Two screenshots that have been released by EA can be found below.

CommandAndConquer 4 Reveal Image1CommandAndConquer 4 Reveal Image2