21 Jul

Pandemic Studios upcoming World War 2 action / adventure The Saboteur has today been officially confirmed for a December 4th European release by publisher EA. A release date for the United States has not yet been confirmed, but it is unlikely that the date will stray far from the one stated by EA today. The game, which will be released on the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, is set in the Nazi-occupied city of Paris during the second World War.

The story focuses on race car driver Sean Devlin, who is engaged in a personal crusade against the German forces occupying the French capital. The player must navigate through the open-world representation of Paris and (as the name of the game suggests) sabotage the German efforts within the city. In doing so, Devlin will open up opportunities for other factions, such as the French Resistance to open the Nazis more directly. At last June’s E3, the game received multiple awards for its art style and unique portrayal of the war-torn, gritty city of 1940 Paris. Also, the game will feature a unique system in which decisions or actions done by the player will affect the overall resistance of the Parisian citizens against the German forces.

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