12 Aug

Those gamers that missed out on some of Capcom’s lineup – that was recently annoited onto the 360’s “Platinum Hits” collection – can now get their hands on three popular titles for a bundled, and bargain price. Dead Rising, Lost Planet: Colonies Edition, and Devil May Cry have been fitted together into one disc set, and will be making it’s way to store shelves starting September 8. Even better, the three titles, whose combined sales exceed 3 million units, well sell for a thrifty $40, exclusively for the Xbox 360.

Dead Rising throws freelance journalist Frank West into a zombie infested shopping mall with the omnipresent deadline of 72 hours to survive. Using your wits, camera, and anything around you, players must combat their way through literal hordes of the hungry undead, rescuing fellow survivors and tackling missions along the way to safety.

Lost Planet: Colonies Edition is an action-packed third person shooter set on the frozen planet of E.D.N. III, were players must use the high-tech weaponry at their disposal to blast their way through the various alien creatures inhabiting the planet. The Colonies expansion allows for cross-platform connectivity between the PC and 360 with the content of the original disc and three new modes.

Devil May Cry 4 is the latest in the hyper-kenetic action franchise of swords and demons. A new protagonist to the series, Nero, will have to use the supernatural powers at his disposal – usually radiating from his attached “Devil Bringer” arm –  to slash and blast his way through hordes of demons, and series stalwart Dante, to save someone he loves.


4 thoughts on “Capcom Releases 3-Game Platinum Bundle”

  1. That’s pretty cool, but I prefer my games to have their own cases/manuals and take up more shelf space. I’m glad they didn’t use that hideous grey “platinum hits” border though.

  2. That’s a nice little bundle there, oh well I don’t have a 360 and don’t intend to get one at the moment cause of money reasons.

  3. I dislike bundles with games that have nothing to do with each other. Just like the Bioshock/Oblivion bundle–yes, same publisher (like this one) but the games should be related in SOME fashion.

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