28 Aug

Los Angeles, CA – Two days after having revealed a large amount of information regarding new features of the upcoming fourth instalment in the Command & Conquer series, EA Los Angeles has officially released the new logo for the game and, somewhat surprisingly, the boxart in which the game will ship in North America.

The Box Art for Tiberian Twilight, as this fourth instalment in the series is officially known, features the leader of the “Brotherhood of Nod”,┬áKane. At this time, Kane is the only character confirmed to make his return in this closing piece of the series, and will once again be portrayed by Joseph D. Kucan.

The new logo can be seen above and the boxart is included below. The game still does not have a precise release date, but is scheduled to be made available somewhere in 2010.

CommandAndConquer 4 BoxArt

The Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight Box Art


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