25 Aug

Via Shacknews, we have come to acquire the release date of the PSP port of Rockstar’s critically adored, but least successful iteration of their Grand Theft Auto series. Chinatown Wars returns to the franchise to it’s top-down, vehicular-run-and-gun routes with an epic story of a gangster on the rise through the titular town to regain his family’s respect in the mob circuit. PSP owners will get a chance to experience the title on October 20th, when Wars gets a dual UMD and digital download release for Sony’s portable platform. No word yet on how the DS-centric mini-games will transfer to PSP controls, but Rockstar has confirmed that unspecific gameplay and visual tweaks will be made to the release, as well as a revamped widescreen presentation.

One thought on ““Chinatown Wars” PSP to Fire off this October”

  1. Yeah distributors had it listed as October 28th a few months ago and they’re usually close.

    I’m still holding out for full 3D like the other GTA games on the PSP. It’s strange not to have any screenshots or video at all so I’m hoping that they’re hiding something until closer to release.

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