28 Aug

Guildford, UK – Bioware has proudly released a few key promotions for the voice talent cast of it’s upcoming dark metal-fantasy epic Dragon Age: Origins. Tim Curry (“Rocky Horror Picture Show,” “Muppet Treasure Island”) has lent his buttery pipes to the role of the ambitious, charming villain of Arl Rendon. The team at Bioware have also secured Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway, “Star Trek Voyager”) as the ultra-powerful mage Flemeth, whose magically secured immortality comes at a high price. The roster also includes Tim Ross (also from “Star Trek Voyager”), Claudia Black (“Pitch Black,” “Stargate SG-1”) and Steve Valentine (“Crossing Jordan”.)

“Dragon Age: Origins has the largest cast of characters of any game BioWare has ever made,” said Mark Darrah, Executive Producer, BioWare. “By working with an incredibly talented cast of actors we are able to bring reality and depth to the characters, their back stories, motivations, and dreams that our talented writers have created for them.”

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  1. that’s some great voice talent. claudia black is awesome too, as if not mention farscape though :(

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