14 Aug

Microsoft Game Studios (MGS) in Europe announced its licensing of the Havok Spectrum software bundle, specifically giving them new and exclusive access to programs like Havok Physics, Havok Animation, and Havok Behavior “across projects moving forward.” The technology, especially in the realm of in-game physics, is highly revered and respected, and utilized in over 200 games to date. Project Natal was specifically mentioned in a key-note address on the partnership, leading news outlets to venture ideas on how exactly we will see this new partnership manifest.

“Rare has had a long-standing partnership with Havok and we have extensively used Havok technology on a wide range of titles and prototypes during that time. We have now made the decision to use Havok’s components exclusively in our shared technology platform and therefore on our game titles. Rare has been impressed by Havok’s suite of highly optimized components, which have allowed us to focus on the features that make Rare games unique and fun experiences,” said Salvatore Fileccia, Head of Software at Rare. “Having integrated Havok into our shared technology base, it has allowed our game teams to use just one component, such as Physics, or a combination of components, such as Behavior, Animation and Cloth, to rapidly prototype new ideas and accelerate the development process. We have also been impressed by the level of support provided by Havok and the depth of their tools infrastructure. We are looking forward to building on this partnership, keeping Rare at the forefront of game innovation and helping us to deliver world-class Xbox 360 and Project Natal experiences.

“We chose Havok because the company’s technology has been used so effectively in so many games we enjoy playing,” said Joss Moore, Senior Programmer at Lionhead Studios. “Havok’s comprehensive, robust, efficient, and feature-rich technology was surprisingly easy to get up and running within our games, and it was reassuring to know that Havok’s proactive support team was always available.”