25 Aug

Edmonton, Canada – More than 20 months after having its release, Bioware has finally released the second episode of downloadable content to their 2007 Action RPG Mass Effect. This new episode, titled “Pinacle Station” is set aboard an Alliance space station and will contain roughly 2 to 3 hours of new gameplay. The DLC costs 400 Microsoft points, which equals 5 USD.

The addon was already launched on the Swiss and Swedish versions of Xbox Live yesterday afternoon. Other than that, there had been no official announcement for the DLC, other than information that Bioware was working on a new DLC episode.

The previous instalment of DLC to Mass Effect, titled “Bring Down the Sky” was released in March 2008 for Xbox 360, and was later made available free of charge for the PC in July later that year. No information is available regarding PC-availability of “Pinacle Station”.