30 Sep


In a feature on Gamerbytes, Gameloft reps dug up some dirt on the upcoming HD remake of cult classic platforming-shooter Earthworm Jim. Working without the original game’s code, the game is based on the Sega Genesis version of the original, and comes equipped with a host of new features. On the visual side of things, gamers can expect smoother animations brought to light by high-definition graphics, though no screens have been released for the title yet, so take Gameloft at it’s word. The astute among you will appreciate the inclusion of the “Big Bruty” level, previously only available on the Special Edition of the game that was released on PC and Sega CD. Everyone else, however, will likely be satisfied with the inclusion of leaderboards and multiple new difficulty settings, giving a bit of extra grit to the package. None of the original team are contributing to the project, but Video Games Live MC Tommy Tallarico’s master score will still rock in the background.

Earthworm Jim is set to be re-released for iPhone, WiiWare and Xbox Live Arcade (with a one-month timed exclusivity) later this year. The developers mentioned the possibility of a port being included in the upcoming Minis collection for the PSP, but no real confirmation has been announced.