17 Sep


Playstation 3 owners have been anticipated few things more than the five downloadable content packs from last year’s RPG epic Fallout 3. After the first pack was delayed from the middle of summer, the schedule for the rest of the additional missions were all cast in doubt as well. Betheseda have finally answered the question with a release schedule for every single piece of downloadable content, which is viewable after the jump. Prices are expected to remain the same as on the PC and Xbox 360 ($10), and the full package will be available on disc in a Game of the Year edition of the title, set to hit shelves on October 13th ($60 on PS3/360, $50 on PC.)

Broken Steel – September 24th

Operation Anchorage / The Pitt – October 1st

Point Lookout / Mothership Zeta – October 8th

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