14 Sep

Halo3 ODST Banner

Sumthing Else Music Works has announced today that the official soundtrack to Halo 3: ODST will launch alongside the game on September 22nd. For more details concerning the announcement and a short sample of the OST, please hit the link.

Similar to previous soundtracks in the Halo series, the music is composed by Bungie’s own Micheal O’Donnel and his professional partner Michael Salvatori. Unlike their previous work for the franchise, the new soundtrack will also include several saxophone and guitar solos. In the press release, O’Donnel┬ástates that “[t]he piano sneaks back in again a few times too, but I can’t seem to help that.” The orchestral pieces were performed by the famous Northwest Sinfonia, which also performed for a large amount of movies and other videogames.

O’Donnel and Salvatori received several awards for their work on soundtrack for the Halo series. A short sample of the OST was released in July, during a podcast featuring O’Donnel. This sample is included below.