29 Sep

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After news was revealed yesterday that two new characters would be making their way into Street Fighter IV, Gamespot released an interview with Capcom produced Yoshinori Ono about the next instalment in the series. For more information, please follow the jump.

Super Street Fighter IV will be a standalone update to Street Fighter IV for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Ono stated that initially they planned on releasing the game as a downloadable expansion pack, but due to technical limitations in the engine of Street Fighter IV this was not an option. Therefore, Super Street Fighter IV will release as a disc-based standalone that sells below full-retail price.

Gamers who already posses the original Street Fighter IV will receive additional bonuses, which are currently unspecified.

The original cast of 25 warriors will be updated with 8 new entrants. Amongst other, Street Fighter II veteran “T. Hawk” and a original female combatant know as “Juri”. It is unclear whether these two characters will also be made available in the original Street Fighter IV. Ono stated that the developers may decide to add more or less characters, original or returning, to the mix based on community feedback. Super Street Fighter IV will also receive a major overhaul of the online multiplayer system. Though specific details are not clear at this time, Ono did confirm that these changes are so fundamental that the game will not have compatible multiplayer with Street Fighter IV versions of the game.

The game is currently scheduled for a Spring 2010 release.

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