26 Sep


Capcom recently debuted its new title, Ghost Trick, a brand spanking new IP for the Nintendo DS. Like most revealed at this year’s Tokyo Gaming Show, little is known about the game beyond a few simple points. We know, so far, that the game will consist mostly of logic-based puzzles with a supernatural element. You play as a character inflicted with the MacGuffin-illness-of-choice, amnesia. In solving the mystery of your own death, you use your various powers, which include things like item-levitation and time control. Capcom has described Ghost Trick as “part adventure game, part puzzle game,” with a unique and vibrant art style. The Ace Attorney guys are on staff for this project, so we can safely expect some interesting things from this new IP.

One thought on “TGS 09: Capcom’s New IP – Ghost Trick”

  1. I have a feeling this will be one of the best titles for the DS. Capcom surprisingly hasn’t done too much work on the system other than the MM games, and the Phoenix Wright series.

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