05 Oct


With still a month let to go until the release of their anticipated dark-epic RPG, Bioware is further baiting gamer’s appetites with several new Dragon Age: Origins commodities. First, the game is the latest Electronic Arts production to receive a supplementary comic-book adaptation, penned by science-fiction legend Orson Scott Card (“Ender’s Game,” “Ultimate Iron Man,”) and with cover art by Humberto Ramos (“Runaways vol. 3.”) There is no release date for the comics as of yet, but with such talent on board, anticipations are high.

Also on board as an release aperitif is the old school style separate release of a Character Creator feature for the in-game universe. Available for download for PC only, so far, the program will allow full access to Dragon Age: Origins massive feature library of facial details and races. The download will be available around two weeks before the game, around October 13th. Gamers can also upload their character creations to the social community site for the game, the open beta version of which will be made available sometime in the near future.