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In a move that undoubtedly baffles and angers PC gamers everywhere, Infiniti Ward’s Robert Bowling has revealed that the PC version of Modern Warfare 2 won’t support dedicated servers. Justifying this move is the introduction of the IWNet matchmaking server technology. While matchmaking has for a long time been a missing feature in the PC version on Modern Warfare, the ability for users, TV networks and Clans to host their own dedicated servers has been one of the big driving forces of its continued popularity on PC.

This change in framework will also most likely eliminate the possibility of modded servers, meaning you’ll no longer be able to play special zombie, sniper, ninja and/or zero-gravity games.

16 thoughts on “Modern Warfare 2 Will Be Missing Dedicated Servers”

  1. consoles are ruining pc gaming…. I fuckin hate that all these games aren’t supporting dedicated servers. Talk about taking a serious step backwards. how fucking retarded. Hey, lets all play on a users internet when they have no idea what ping or bandwidth means. fucking retarded….

    1. I wouldn’t blame consoles, I’d blame Activision, remember that we are talking about the same company that didn’t wanted to publish Brutal Legend because it can’t have a sequel each year, the same company that won’t release a MW2 demo because they said that we would buy it anyways and the same company that releases 4+ Guitar Hero games each year with a 60 bucks price tag?

      Besides, many console games have dedicated servers.

      1. Activision is the new EA. Remember when EA were horrible in the industry not caring about things and see what happened to them. Activision used to be cool, but now they are just capitalizing dicks, I hope that gets out of their systems soon.

        I consider Blizzard separate from Activision so there is no worries there.

      2. Well the problem is, it’s a slap in the face to the PC gamers who actually put Infinity Ward on the map. Call of Duty was a PC game looooong before it came to consoles.

  2. Damn. First they shoot themselves in the foot by removing ‘Call of Duty’ from the title for the first several months of press, now they finish the job by removing dedicated servers.

  3. I bet this move was actually done to stop pirate servers.

    As always, screwing the legit customers because lost sales they never had. I mean face it, 99% of those pirates wouldn’t buy the game anyway.

    1. Pirates will still Pirate the game… it will just be a little, and I mean little, more effort to be able to play online.

  4. honestly, if there’s no dedicated servers, it’s not worth buying. I can’t stand playing on p2p shit. It’s garbage compared to dedicated servers; laggy, inconsistent, bullshit. ded serv’s are made ready to handle a full load of players on wide pipes that user systems and connections aren’t made for… Fucking stupid. I’m really fucking mad about this shit. I was looking forward to this game until I read this.

    You’re probably right attack, it probably is an anti-piracy thing. Too bad this shit always hurts the legit people.

  5. Apparently there has been a lot of backlash on the official forums about this fiasco, so hopefully Activision and IW remedy this situation. There is a good article with a lot of comments on this subject on Joystiq.

    1. only problem with that, and every other online petition, if you actually look at the names a lot of it is just people typing jibberish to make it look like more people have actually signed it.

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