06 Oct

Bloomberg’s report on the matter turned out to be pretty accurate. Microsoft has announced a ton of new television content partnerships for both US and global audiences. For couch potatoes in the former; the likes of HBO, Bravo, Crackle, Epix, Syfy, Vevo, UFC, YouTube, and The Today Show will be joining existing broadcasters ESPN and […]

11 Jul

The eternally quotable Activision CEO Bobby Kotick recently spoke with The Financial Times about the disconnect between publishers and console online services, and presenting his idea of a preferable system set up with Television-connected PCs. Kotick is stating that the company is looking to “aggressively” support new set-top PC models coming in from Dell and […]

modern-warfare-2-02 18 Oct

  In a move that undoubtedly baffles and angers PC gamers everywhere, Infiniti Ward’s Robert Bowling has revealed that the PC version of Modern Warfare 2 won’t support dedicated servers. Justifying this move is the introduction of the IWNet matchmaking server technology. While matchmaking has for a long time been a missing feature in the […]