07 Oct


Anyone even remotely connected to a television either knows or has at least heard of Nintendo’s tremendous financial success for the past three years. With both the ever-popular Wii and the record-breaking sales of the DS, Nintendo has opened up the video games industry by threefold, and has the fiscal charts to prove it. BusinessWeek magazine believes this fiscal windfall is enough to make Nintendo the “Best Company on the Planet,” and they have named the Japanese electronics manufacturer as thus. Beating out such giants as Google (#2) and Amazon.com (#17,) Nintendo is the only console manufacturer, and indeed the only video games producer, on the list. BusinessWeek states the list will calibrated with companies in mind that have a “commitment to innovation, diversified portfolios, aggressive expansion, strong leadership, and a clear vision for the future.”

2 thoughts on “Nintendo Named “Best Company in the World””

  1. Well they do have AWESOME customer service, I have had to drive out to Redmond once, and had to call them once, and things were fixed. Now with this console bricking thing, their customer service will be put to the extreme test, but will prevail.

    Now all Nintendo has to do is release some damn games already. I want my Trace Memory/Another Code R for Wii, damnit Reggie that is a perfect game to show off what the Wii can do, plus everyone can play the game. AND where is my Kirby, Kid Icarus, and news on the next Zelda game other than that damn picture, and some cool new ips other than that new RPG that you are working on with Monolith Soft.

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