28 Oct


Lead singer of the immortal rock-group The Who, Roger Daltrey was being interviewed by Masslive.com about his career and singing ability. In the midst of the questions, Daltrey spoke a spell on the recent September success of The Beatles: Rock Band, and might have broken the silence on Harmonix and MTV’s future group-centric disk releases.

“The game, yeah, yeah, they’re going to be doing a Who one next year. There is one planned. (The idea) is fabulous. Anything that gets non-musical people interested in music is wonderful.” Daltrey commented, “In my opinion, music is our last true great freedom. They can burn our books, they can burn our paintings, but they can’t stop us singing and making music.”

Given the good nature between the two publishers and the rock label, a disc might not be completely out of the question. Other major labels rumored to have a Rock Band release in their future are U2, The Rolling Stones, Queen, and any other band that has more than five widely recognizable songs.

Think we’ll be getting our Who on plastic-guitar style soon? Could a successful trend make Harmonix fall in step with Activision’s multi-disc releases during the year? Speak your mind below!

4 thoughts on “Roger Daltrey Accidentally Reveals Rock Band: The Who?”

  1. Well, the Who is a great band… but names have been thrown around the Rockband camp lately, like Pearljam (confirmed), Nirvana, and now the who.

    Seriously, We have 13 Who songs in the game… why not just release another pack?

  2. I wonder if in 20 years when someone hears ‘Eminence Front,’ he’ll say “Dude that’s the song from Rock Band The Who!”

    This has begun to wear thin.

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