01 Oct

SplinterCell Conviction Banner

With nearly four months to go before Splinter Cell: Conviction becomes available at retailers, an Australian game store has put up a pre-order offer for the collector’s edition of the game. For more details regarding the content of this edition, please follow the link.

The offer, which can be viewed here, includes amongst others a code with which to unlock unique in-game content. Furthermore, a 32-page comic book to unveil the missing story elements of the events taking place between Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Splinter Cell: Conviction will be included. A download-code for the third instalment in the series Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory will also be included with the Xbox 360 version of the offer. Finally, a Sam Fisher figurine will be included as well as a making-of DVD. A picture of the package can be found below.

SplinterCell Conviction CollectorsEditionThe existence of such a package has not yet been confirmed by Ubisoft.