12 Nov


John Carmack has been an in-demand guy; from the success of his classic software from id on the iPhone, to his new IP on the current generation of video game consoles. In between the development on both sides of the technological aisle, Carmack took some time out to discuss several future prospects with video game editorial site Kotaku. Among the topics discussed were the success of id Software and the possibility of Carmack helping some older Bethsoft software to iPhone, the full comments on which can be found after the jump.

Wolfenstein Classic was my original experiment on whether a first-person shooter would be any fun on the iPhone,” Carmack noted, “It did surprisingly well for all of us.”

On the subject of Fallout, Carmack had this to say, “I spent a bit of time talking to Todd Howard about the iPhone. We want to make something happen for those products as well.” He added, “at the very least I’m going to be providing code.”
Think Fallout would make a good iPhone property? Looking forward to anything that could come from a possible John Carmack-Bethsoft partnership? Let us know your feelings below!