24 Nov

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It was reported earlier today, that Andre Vrignaud (Director Games Platform Strategy at Microsoft) has filed a patent detailing a feature for the Xbox 360 that would allow users to seek out guides or hints from an online database from within the game. While specifics are unclear at this time, the player would be able to seek out relevant information based on the context of the game, but also to contribute to the entries within the system. Players will be able to include text, screenshots and videoclips as part of these entries. A somewhat technical description of the Microsoft’s ‘Super Guide’ function can be found after the jump.Misc Xbox360 Guidesystem Patent

3 thoughts on “Microsoft Patents Online Help Feature”

  1. So basically MS wants you to use their services, not the internet, or go Super Guide mode. Well I guess this gives devs the excuse to make their games harder, and give this option to people who are struggling, I guess this is a good idea.

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