09 Nov


The deliciously named developer Lemon Studios, a term based in Soeul, Korea, has recently announced plans to bring its intriguing IP Fantasia to the world in 2010. The first ever mobile-to-PC massive multi-player RPG, the game constantly updates and can be accessed from both home and on-the-go, the game not even requiring an initial installation. Touch-pad technology brings the majority of the game’s gameplay components to the mobile screen, but even more standard phones can receive text-message updates when offline and invite other on/offline players to their current quests. Those not wishing to engage in the full MMO experience on eye-straino-vision can engage in 3-minute mini-adventures and 100 “story tower” missions.

“Fantasia employs a system that only maintains the map data currently being used, consuming fewer resources,” explained Jang Un Jin, producer at Lemon.

“Fantasia is a perfect game for the busy modern players who are looking for a quick and easy game without compromising strong RPG components,” said Hyo Sung Yoon, CEO at Lemon.