18 Nov


After acquiring former publishing brand Eidos this past April, Square Enix has hinted at many possibilities for the studio, including a name change to “Square Enix Europe,” but now rumors of a third IP to be developed between the two teams (alongside continuing existing franchises with Deus Ex 2 and Thief 4.) Speaking at Canada’s recently held Montreal Games Summit, Yoichi Wada, CEO of Square Enix announced the partnership’s “first global game” was being made in Montreal, and to be infused with support from Square Enix staff in Japan.

“[The game] would be the first collaboration between Square Enix and Montreal,” Wada described, “we would like to be able to create a new title that is made by the group as one.” No specific details on the project have come to fruition, but be sure to keep it tuned to Elder-Geek for the latest breaks on the story.

But we’d also like to know what you think, could this project be a sequel/remake of an existing game from either brand? Or could this union bring us some new IP in the near future? Comment below and let your voice be heard!

2 thoughts on “New Collaboration Between Square-Enix/Eidos in Montreal”

  1. I want a whole new IP, cause innovation is greatly needed in the gaming industry every few years, especially if your company does basically the same game(s) for years, but with minor tweaks.

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