07 Dec


Coming January gamers will once again get to explore the galaxy as Commander Shepard. This time,  however, Xbox 360 user will have to stop mid-adventure to swap those pesky Digital Versatile Disc’s — or as laymen our highly intelligent wonderful users say “dvds”. PC users on the other hand, will simply have to swap discs during the installation, something PC users should be rather accustomed to by now.

Considering a DVD on the 360 can take 9GB, we’re wondering whether this will mean a longer game with more content, or a significant visual upgrade. What would you prefer?

3 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2 to Ship on 2 Discs”

  1. I vote for content as well. I was one of the poor souls who downloaded Pinnacle Station before I read anything about it, so I’d rather have as much content on the disc as possible.

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