17 Dec

Fans of Tom Clancy’s stealth-action Splinter Cell franchise are eagerly anticipating the 2010 release of Conviction, but those that can shell out a bit of cash can get more in the game’s collector’s edition than just the OST. Two limited edition prints of the game have been announced, one for the Asian, Pacific, European, and Middle Eastern territories, and one exclusive to the United States.


Those gamers in the States with $80 to spare can pick up the Collector’s Edition with an included comic book prequel, an art book, a downloadable character skin and weapon, a preloaded USB drive with more artwork and bonus featurettes on the making of the game, bullet hole decals, and a Third Eschelon sticker.


Included in Conviction‘s limited Collector’s Edition box (Steelbook, naturally) for the rest of the world is a Sam Fisher figurine, the aforementioned soundtrack, early access to three in-game weapons, an exclusive Shadow Armor player skin, and a separate game mode called “Infiltration.”

Both of the Collector’s Editions will retail alongside the normal version of the game on its February 23, 2010 release date for PC and Xbox 360.