06 Dec


Based on Activision’s two-studio production cycle with its popular shooter franchise Call of Duty, the post-Modern Warfare 2 release schedule has shifted the publisher’s weight from Infinity Ward to Treyarch to focus on its next side installment. A recent job posting for a Level Builder calls for “research subject matter for history and look of the level,” giving the studio’s next project a past-times implication. While nowhere near a developer confirmation, with recent company heads saying that they have “put WWII to bed” with World at War, a Level Builder with a historical background could bring the franchise to many different times.

Where do you think the next Treyarch Call of Duty will take place? Korea? Vietnam? Iraq? ….Canada? Pitch your own ideas below!

One thought on “Treyarch Posting Suggests New Historical Call of Duty”

  1. I’m surprised Patrick hasn’t tossed anything in here! I’d still love to see a Vietnam game done right and done well. Considering they got the jungle feeling down properly for World at War, they might be the ones to pull it off.

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