06 Jan

With a backlog of strong “M” rated titles in their back-pocket, Capcom has had a history with mature subject matter. Despite avoiding a mainstream controversy like those that once faced Electronic Arts or Bioware’s Mass Effect, the company is wary of the possibility of a serious backlash from the popular news media. An investor bulletin posted to CVG (Computer and Video Games) explains the apprehension, among other things.

“Some of our popular software titles have provocative graphics and text, such as violent and grotesque scenes,” reads the note. “Accordingly, in the event of violent incidents and other criminal cases involving juveniles, we may be subject to a smear campaign by some sections of the mass media which often point out the correlation between crime and games. Therefore, there is a risk that it may result in having an adverse effect on our business performance, corporate value and narrowed distribution channel under instructions by the relevant authorities.”

4 thoughts on “Capcom Expects “Smear Campaign by Mass Media””

  1. Doesn’t Capcom know… bad publicity is good publicity. It helps get your name out… like GTA, Mass Effect, and MW2.

    Also, I’m not sure what games Capcom is releasing that will cause a public uproar.

        1. You joke, but it could happen. They did try to toughen their image and do a gritty take on Final Fight. Of course I think the only public uproar that it caused was over the fact that it sucked.

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